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High income career is crap

Hey my darling reader, I know you are ambitious and you are going to have rocking revenue. If you are searching for highest paying career options, highest paying job that will help you make a good living. congratulations !!! You have taken the first step towards bright future of yours. Yes the first and most important step towards success . is thinking and researching about the kind of work which resonates with your interest and not just that. but it should also provide you a good living.

Let me clear one thing. be it any career option there are two categories of professionals. first who are earning average or even lesser. the second category has people who are actually the top players of the field. So what do you understand? Do you really think if you will choose a particular career that is high paying you will be successful? If choosing a career path is the only thing that makes people pass or fail then. why do we have failures in every field? Know the bitter fact, in every path every career there are always more failure stories than of success. Yes hear me loud. Every path has more failure stories than success stories.

Whenever i conduct a workshop on soft skills or personal development. while I train people I never use just bookish theories to explain any concept. I always give practical examples to make people understand about the topic. Now here also in the blog, I am going to give a few examples to you. Let’s talk about few career options to know whether everyone in the field is successful or not.

  1. Business – well we all know the person who is selling panipuri in street is also doing business . and the owner of dominos is also a businessman. If you see there is no difference .both have the business in industry of food. both these food items have amazing popularity all over the country. Same work, same industry why only one is rich and other is still on streets?

Not just food but anything you take maybe the business of automobiles .the business of electronics. clothes business . the business of steel always remember not everyone is playing on some level, not everyone can be bill gates. A cobbler also does the same job as bata brand but we know the difference in their revenue. Hence proved business is not guaranteed options for high income.

  • Engineering –haha this is very common. once the student is about to choose a stream after tenth . teachers parents relatives everyone in this world will start suggesting engineering. that happened with you too right? Almost everyone make their final choices which is pursuing engineering. They sit for entrance exams few people get to IIT and NIT few go to local colleges or private colleges. So basically all of them joined engineering. If you think every IIT student gets high paying job then you are mistaken. Getting college is completely different from getting work . I am sure you know how many engineering students kill themselves because of frustration and unemployment. So here in this filed also success of high income is not a guarantee.
  • Law and justice – is this something to be asked? Don’t we all know how top lawyers of country charge some crores for one court hearing and how some lawyers are roaming around jobless wearing black coats waiting for one client. In this field also its prominent how some people are playing while others are in pathetic situation.
  • Beauty salon and restaurants- creating a space and using it to sell services is also a kind of business, if we talk about restaurants not every food plaza is running well in some cases small street food center is earning more profit. So it clearly says success does not depend upon infrastructure or kind of business. Beauty salon, oh god what to say about it, nowadays every home maker is turning out to wok in beauty center. You know not every salon is favorite of people, especially girls and ladies have their absolute favourite center which is go to place for them. So in this case other salons or beauty centers doesn’t earn good. Hence proved this work also doesn’t guarantee highest income.
  • Journalism and communication – in this career path some are working for few thousands per month and some are earning 10 crores per annum. Some are on the screen being a celebrity and some are working back stage. There is no certainty of success. Hence no guarantee.
  • Online platform – well we have talked about some main stream career option and proved that success in not guaranteed. I think we should talk about online work also because that’s a new taste these days. understanding the career graph and success rate in digital platform is not so difficult.

I am sure you use youtube, Instagram FB anything there are so many creators and influencers, those who are taking social media seriously and they earn also. But not necessarily everyone is generating revenue. Most of the people take it as time pass only. But that’s their choice to be a creator or not. We will only talk about those who are earning, so let me ask you what kind of videos do you watch on youtube? Maybe comedy may be motivational or educational anything. When you search for a particular video, how many videos from different creators will be visible on the screen. You will defiantly not watch all right?

If you searching for comedy you might watch bb ki vines as a first choice because he is top player, top creator. There are many comedy creators but not everyone is as successful as him.Same with instagram and any platform. Hence proved success story here also is way lesser in amount than failure ones.

So what do you think, do we have any path any career option in the world which guarantees high income? I don’t think sooooo L.So my darling reader, what do we do? Stop dreaming about success? Stop aiming? Answer is a big NOOOO.Always remember, a path will never guarantee success but your steps in that particular path determines how high will be the graph of your success.Yes yes be it business or job your steps will make you outshine, your steps will make and maintain the difference in high earning professional and average earning professional.You must be thinking, what are the steps? How to take this steps? Let me answer that question, steps = skills

Yes my darling reader, no other thing than skills can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful.There exists plenty of skills but we will talk only about highest paying skills, you know why? Because path doesn’t guarantee success but skill does.

5 skills that are highly paid in every industry

  1. Copy writing
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Consulting
  4. Video making
  5. Closing sales

How these skill helps?

  • Copywriting -: copywriting is nothing but effective way of speaking in written form. Using words and phrases to persuade and influence people. Have you seen words in an advertisement, email messages, thumbnail of video is called copy. Copywriting is a skill, a special skill that will transform your financial life amazingly. If once you learn this skill, nothing in this world can beat you in your career. You know if you learn copywriting, you can use your words in written form to persuade people to buy your product or services, you can influence people to watch your video. You can reply in a certain way that the person on another side will do what is beneficial for your work. Once you learn and master this art of copywriting you can generate income on-demand. Do you know a secret? My darling reader copywriting is magic of words but its main moto is closing. Have you ever imagined you have made a product and you write an ad copy And the day you launch it, suddenly your sale increases? That’s how important and powerful it is. Copywriting is very much to do with closing and selling and very little to do with writing.

Copywriters are one of the highest paid professionals in this world

2. Digital marketing -: world is not physical anymore, the world has become digital. Open space without boundaries. According to stats every person uses mobile 300 min per day on average. That is 5 hours per day. It’s a crazy stat. Now if people want to read something, get some information, buy something or anything for all this most of the people prefer mobile phones. They watch news on phone, they read books on mobile, they buy products online.
The world is online. This skill will skyrocket your success its not expensiveits effective. Think, there are soo many businesses in unorganized sector, and there are also big businesses who have earned a lot, but now there next generation is coming up they all need someone to make ad campaigns, to make a sales funnel.
So now you know how big is job opportunity here. How well you can get paid.This is not just about someone else’s business, you can grow your own business in it. Let me clarify one thing, digital marketing is not just about business, if you are doing any job you can present your talent or hobby on online platform and you can turn out to be an influencer and generate a second source of income.

Digital marketers earn a lot.

4. Video making -: as I have already mentioned future is digital. Video is a form of digital content which connects to audience more than any other form of content. its very obvious people are going to consume digital content, these days video content is hot. People want to consume news not by reading but watching video. People want to listen to book summaries not to read it in actual. You know why all this happening? Because nowadays man’s attention span has decreased to 8 seconds. People these days want to grasp information in less amount of time. Its not just about connection but also about your own authority, video lets you establish your image as an expert, people tend to trust more on visual form of content, it gives you a chance to interact on an emotional level with your audience. 

Always remember if you provide what is in demand, no one in this world can stop you, and video is in demand. By the way you want to know how much you can earn by video making, video is everywhere, you can do it for you own business or for someone else’s video. If you doing it for yourself, you might or might not have business and your own products or services, in that case you can use social media to post videos, try making an exceptional content which provides value. This will help you grow your business or launch your business.

Video making is not just a technical skill but also an art of storytelling to present a concept to your audience, make sure you providing values. You will be looked as a thought leader. Key point is to show your hobby as a video on social media platforms and launch your own brand. Now if you don’t have your own business or any sort of hobby then you can join with other businesses, trust me there are so many businesses struggling to make place in this digital world. You can help them, by scripting and making videos for them, they can use it for ads or social handles or to mail to a particular client.

Video making is a need for every business, if your skilled, your income will shine

3. Consulting -: consultant is a person who gives expert advice professionally, in every business there is a need of expert advisor, to make and change the strategies, for management, to make or change organizational structure or for technology. Consultants will first be presented with some sort of problem, consultant will conduct research regarding this. They will collect data and talk to people. So depending on the research consultants can come up with some strategy or solution. Now as you understood how important a consultant is for business, then you can guess how high they earn. They can make and break the businesses.

Consulting for business is itself a high earning business.


5. Closing sale -: in every work, every talk, every business we try to close a deal, when we discuss we trying to reach the final decision. When we take or give interview the motive is to close a deal, to hire or reject. also think when we send a proposal our motive is to get it accepted by the other party. in business we often talk to clients, there also our main moto is to close the deal with them on certain amount.

Not just professionally but everywhere, when child and mother are conversing about food, mom says if you finish this meal I will give you a chocolate, that also is a deal. Basically what ever we do it has a motive, motive is to close deal. Closing is a skill, without which other skills are useless. Learning and mastering this skill is difficult but possible and trust me, what ever you do is of no use if in the end you can not complete the motive.

Skill of Closing sale has the power to make you a millionaire soon.


If you want to choose a career that can make you a millionaire, stop searching for career paths, do what your interest resonates with, make sure what ever path, what ever career you choose, develop these 5 key skills to outshine in your field .these skills are highest paid skills, it won’t just help you get high paying job, but also to establish your own business or may be you end up doing job with high revenue generating side business .These skills are essential for any and every path in present time.I love you my darling reader, I am sure you gonna do it, and you gonna generate crazy revenue. You are going to rock.

Leechhvee Roy

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