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“Your personality matters ¡¡¡ yes you heard it right. Be it any job any career or any work always remember you won’t be the only one present in the whole path, there will be many, so many pursuing the same. In this case how you going to make your own unique identity? How will you outshine? Have you ever thought if every person is having same degree then how cum one becomes successful earning lakhs, giving guest speeches and other one working for few thousands and not even earning respect? Is that marks issue? Race issue?

Caste issue? No no no the answer is…. It’s a personality issue. Now you have to understand if academics doesn’t make your personality then what does? Yes my darling reader skills that you develop indirectly over time makes your personality shine.

These skills are known as soft skills. Let me make it easy for you to understand. Soft skills are skills related to behavior and personality traits. Soft skills are impossible to taught by a book or lectures. It lies in the foundation of any big deal.


Soft skills are personality traits and people skills that characterize a person’s relationship with other people. Soft skills have more to do with who the people are and not what they know. Its non- technical skills. It is all about your behavior. Lets understand this with an example, suppose you are a web developer, website made by you is good or bad is determined by your hard skills, but how you behave with your client, how you communicating with the client and how is your relationship with the client.. all this depends upon your soft skills. Same way, if you are a student and you are very good in geometry and computers that are your hard skills and if you share an amazing bond with your teacher than that’s your soft skills.


When I was in school I always thought that people who have a big group of friends are actually special, they have something god gifted, which is why its easier for them to get into a group of people and be friends with them in few minutes. While everyone was enjoying in big groups I had only one or two people sitting with me wondering what is special in them. You

know what? There is actually something very special about these people… PEOPLE SKILLS…yes yes this is the specialty, which I always lacked ☹️.

Oh god how boring my friendship phase was. But I was somehow okhay with the fact that I have less friends, BUTTT when I started my college I realized that less friends is at least acceptable but if I don’t learn this special skill, it will be very difficult in my career life also, being a media student I rely on networking for all the work and without people skills surviving was very difficult. That’s why I am here with an amazing news for you. People skills (soft skills ) can be learnt. YESSSSS my darling readers you can learn this skill and get a desirable personality. As I mentioned YOUR PERSONALITY MATTERS its really important in every phase of life be it your friendship, your career, your entire life, your success your failure, every damn thing depends on your personality.

How you walk, how you talk, what your first and last impression is, how you resolve conflicts, how you motivate, how you lead everything counts in soft skills. I repeat its very important. Your selection and rejection will be decided on the Basis of above mentioned behavioural skills.

I cant tell you enough of this fact, that PERSONALITY MATTERS.


In the above paragraphs I nearly took a loud speaker and shouted like a crazy that how much does a solid personality matter. But not to forget personality is not a mythological term which you going to chant all day long, and suddenly one day miraculously you will get a solid personality. Nooo trust me this is not gonna happen.

Your personality is nothing but set of soft skills. No magic can make you desirable except the magic of your skills. Nothing can be more true than your skills, developed skills.

Now lets understand why and how soft skills will help you -:

  1. A doctor is required to have an extensive repertoire of hard skills, especially the ability to diagnose and prescribe treatments for an array of ailments. But a doctor who lacks soft skills of emotional intelligence, trustworthiness and approachability is not likely to be very highly regarded by their patients.
  • A salesperson who may have an unrivalled and exhaustive knowledge of their market, will find it difficult to close a deal if they lack interpersonal skills and negotiation skills.
  • A customer services professional with organizational skills will only do well if they have soft skills such as listening skills, they will perform good if they are able to interact professionally with customers and have empathy.

Soft skills are not just important when facing external customers and clients. They are equally important when it comes to interacting with colleagues.

A productive and healthy work environment depends on soft skills. The workplace is an interpersonal space, where relationships must be built and flourished perspectives must be exchanged and occasionally conflicts must be resolved.


There are various types of soft skills top players of this game usually say not all but few are really important for your job.

“soft skills get little respect but will make or break your career”


  • Effective communication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving
  • Research skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Transaction analysis
  • Motivational skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Stress management
  • Decisiveness
  • Persuasion

1.What is effective communication -:

Effective communication is something in which message is properly delivered and the receiver can understand the message easily. Suppose you watching a news channel if the anchor is keep on saying things but you just not able to understand any of it, that’s called a bad

communication. When you trying to convince someone and you are just not able to present your point of view or your perspective, then you are a bad communicator.

When in interview the professional asks you about yourself, and you are unable to give your insight because of less words, then you are a bad communicator. Trust me if you cant communicate effectively, your social and professional life will suffer badly. By the way communication is not about kind of words, less words or more words. Communication is about everything that you do, your body language your postures says a lot about you, your smile, the way you walk the way you talk everything tells a story about you. You need to master the art of communication.

2.What is teamwork?

When you have a big goal, a lavish goal working towards it is really difficult. To achieve a big goal you need to put collaborative effort. Team work is a soft skill which you need to learn if you dreaming for lavish success.

3.What is adaptability?

Growth never occurs by repeating same strategy and same steps. Change is synonymous to growth. Change in ideas, change in environment, change in situation, change in challenges. Its on you whether you fail or you overcome and adjust with all the changes.

Being able to adapt will surely support your growth.

4.What is conflict management?

When you working on a project, or discussing about any random topic, may be in family, office or with friends.

There can always be conflicts because people have their own point of view, own ideas and perspectives. Doing a debate or conflict becomes so obvious. So what do we do? Let it affect us? Noooo, conflict management is a skill to resolve it all. If you are skilled you will understand how to ignore the negative aspect of conflict, how to catch up on positive aspect. This will help you prevent all the ugly fights and resolve things respectfully with clients or anyone and everyone.

5.What is problem-solving?

Its very sad to know, that most of the people in this world get scared and irritated of problems. For example if a couple is fighting on a problem, that might have occurred due to a misunderstanding. They will most probably fight and argue for days and end up loosing each other. This is an amazing example of not having problem solving skills.

Problem solving, is not about ignoring the issue and compromising. Problem solving is a skill which involves the act of going back and determining the root cause, identifying and prioritizing things and selecting alternatives for solutions.

6.What are researching skills?

Researching is not just an important soft skill, but research itself is an occupation which clearly shows, how important It is for any small and big work.

For any business strategy, or content creation, innovation and exams. To sound or act like a superior you need to have sound knowledge on a particular topic. You should be expert in something. Expertise comes with knowledge, knowledge comes only by research. Researching skill includes ability to search, locate, extract and decode.

7.What is creativity?

Creativity is not just about behavior, creativity is about your brain, few people have creativity inbuilt in them. Don’t worry you can learn it. It’s a mind game. Its not about finding problem, it’s about finding solution in a unique way. You have to start thinking differently from

others. Looking things from unique perspective is base pf creativity

8.What are interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are every day behavior, and tactics for interaction with people. What we say and how we say it.

It includes considerable communication, attitude towards people, listening and deporting.

9.What is transaction analysis?

Transaction analysis is psychoanalysis. Yes yes I know it sounds very complicated. It is bit difficult to understand, but you can learn it if you focus. Its actually about ego state of a person. It says every person has all the ego states in their mind, and they show it depending on the situation. If we master the art of transaction analysis you will always know, where to react, how to react.

10.What is motivational skill?

Things like motivation and personal development doesn’t seem to be practical. It sounds philosophical. But let me tell you something, nothing is more real more practical than motivation. Everyone in there life face set-backs. In academics, career, sometimes in relationships. Everyone goes through such depressing phase at least once.

Motivational skills we all should learn, to help our team, colleagues, family member, life partner. If you are in business you can get all your team on work effectively. This will be helpful for your career and life.

11.What is negotiation skills?

Negotiation is an art to settle difference. It is a process of doing few compromise and agreement without getting involved in disputes. Be it any business deal, or job timing, be it the scene of convincing someone for the

work or anything and everything. For example, your mom is telling you to finish the healthy food(obviously not tasty) and you want to have chocolate, your mom says a no. Then, in this case, she will probably tell you to have the food first then she might think of giving you half chocolate. Whats happening here? Isn’t it a deal. Its an example of negotiation. Same happens on large scale in businesses.

12.What is stress management?

Stress management is skill set which involves lots of technicalities and psychotherapies. Its usually for a purpose and motive to make things function properly.

13.What is decisiveness?

There is immense power in decision making. It’s a process of Coming to a firm and effective conclusion, by studying all the positive and negative aspects of situation.

14.What is persuasive skill?

Good persuasion skills help you to influence people to achieve your goals. This skill allows you to present your

opinion and ideas in a way that influences the people. It’s

the talent of changing attitudes and behaviors of people

Conclusion -:

Soft skills are skill set which involves so many art and technicalities. Your school, college never teach this to you, but your professional life needs it. Every industry requires it. This is really pathetic fact that our teachers never teaches whats needed. We have a very wide difference between college life and corporate life.

We need to cope up with it, on very individual level. You are not just gonna get the job, but also you can start your own business with these soft skills.

And always remember, all these skills are connected to each other, if you master one, you will be good in other too.

Yessss my darling after learning abd developing these skills, you are definitely going to be successful.


Leechhvee Roy

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