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September 27, 2020by Leechhvee Roy0

Are you nervous? Terrified of public speaking? Are you figuring out how to be the best speaker in the upcoming event? you want to know how to make your audience clap continuously on your presentation?….. You need to follow these 8 steps in before getting on to the stage

1.     Ask and research about audience

When you speaking in front of people, its obvious to have a reason., you cant go and speak any thing that comes to your mind.

Ask the host, who you are speaking to. Know your audience, go through all the demographics. Knowing the demographic is imperative. Knowing your audience will help you figure out what content and message people care about.

If its friend and family, entertain them. or its corporate event, guide them and speak about productivity. If its group of students, teach them and inspire them.

Once you go through the requirement of audience, decide the message you want to convey read books and blogs about the decided topic, then write your content in your own way J.

2.      Make it a muscle memory

Human head and brain. Different kind of waveforms produced by brain activity shown on background. Digital illustration.

Secret of star presentation is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE !!!. Nothing becomes muscle memory unless you practice relentlessly. If you have big speech or presentation coming up, you must practice.

Prepare your content well ahead of time, so that you get lots of time to rehearse and gain perfection.

You don’t have to make a separate schedule for practice, this can be done while driving, exercising or before going to bed. Practicing is easy but important.

Make sure you practice, be it anytime, anywhere.

3.      Practice body language and movement

Communication is much more about tone and body language than the words we say. The words of course matter, but emphasis comes with movement and body language.

How you speak is more important than what you speak. So pay attention to your hand movements, try not to shiver on stage out of nervousness.

Try to look confident even if you are not ;).

4.      Practice in front of mirror

Practicing in front of mirror is a good way to learn the proper amount of body motion, hand usage and facial expressions. So it doesn’t look like completely scripted. It should have a positive impact. It should look natural.

5.      Practice with distraction

Once you have decided the content, and practiced it few times, you need to add a little bit of distraction to test how well prepared you really are. Turn on the TV and speak. Speak while you pushing children in the swing. Anything that adds little more challenge will be the real test of your speaking talent.

6.      Find a style that works for you

Different events will often require a different approach or style. Sometimes reading a prepared speech is fine, but try not to stare down at the pages the whole time. Some use notes and talk spontaneously just my looking at few points. Others prefer to be 100 percent scripted and memorized. Figure out What you are comfortable in, use the proper approach for the appropriate event.

7.      Know the environment

Go to the venue well ahead of time. Walk the room. Walk the stage. Get a feel for the vibe of the environment so you are more comfortable when its “go time”.

Speak in front of imaginary audience, and experience the vibe of venue.

8.      Test all equipment

Nothing sucks more than last minute technical difficulties. Avoid adding even more stress by testing any and all equipment and audio visual functions ahead of time. And have backups.

9.      Clear your head

Find time to mentally prepare yourself before the speech. Find some solitude, get your mind right. If its five minutes before, just relax. This is the time for making sure you know the material perfectly. Tell yourself that you are going to rock the stage. You will be the next thought leader. Tell yourself, that you don’t have to be nervous, because when you go in front of people, the stage is yours. Audience is waiting to appreciate and applaud for you.

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